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November 15, 2012
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My little Mages- Chrysalis by Didj My little Mages- Chrysalis by Didj
Alright, it's been a while since I uploaded anything. And, to be honest, a while since I have sat down to draw anything. I guess with the new season of MLP underway, I've been seeing a resurgence of popularity in the Little Mages. And by popular request, this is Chrysalis as a necromancer. I've actually been doing sketches of this one for a long time. It was tough getting her look just right. I referenced her to Disney villains like Cruella Deville and Yesma. the older scrawny woman who, in her youth, may have been beautiful.

Her outfit is relatively simple given that her pony design lent itself to good ideas already. Of course, given that she is a winged horned character, I had to give her the staple disembodied metal wings. Just to piss off the cosplayers. I didn't incorporate feathers into her design because she was more insect like then bird in the show.
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DurpyHooves21 Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
omg I know what it is..... its the Necromancer (from castle crashers) and Chrysalis its a...a... cecromancerlis?
dashie89115 Mar 28, 2014  New member
I just figured out how to make Chrysalis into an actual threat. Make her a vampire.
now hear out on this. if she was a vampire, she can be considered more of a threat because all of her victims well be zombies and I can believe her actually taken beaten from someone like Celestria and still be standing with some teeth missing, becuase she's undead.
Also it also gets rid of one of the main problems I have with her and that's that feel sorry for her because "she wants to feed her subjects". turn the changelings into the undead, make her drink blood and keep the necromancer and she'll reach the level of fun to watch. Yes she'll still be an idiot but at least it'll be the fun kind like Eggman or Bowser.
Is this for a fanfiction of yours?
Maybe. Chrysalis was always a villain I thought was overrated because everything about was so dull and stupid, and I doubt a bug who feeds on love can beat a god-like entity.
I was actually reading a fanmade Hellsing guide yesterday when the idea struck me. I thought of many ideas to make her bearable like a simple zombie, ugly steampunk pony, an idiot. But once vampire hit, it was perfect. While I still see her as ungodly stupid, just picturing her as a vampire is making her fun and threatening.
I think the fan appreciation for Chystalis as a villain comes from the fact that, as far as MLP villains go, she was the most villainous. She is the one villain to never get a redemption (except for Sombra… ). Even in the comics she remained as a villain. And her design is just comparatively unnerving what with the bug wings and the holes in her limbs. Her appearance was certainly darker than such a show would normally allow. And that's what fans love about her. Her motivation of feeding off love is expectedly tapered for the demographic of young children who this show is supposed to be aimed for.
Yeah the villain I didn't like is the only one still evil and alive. Curse you Hasbro for reforming Discord!!
And yes her design is good, but that doesn't mean she was a good villain. And don't get started on the love thing. If love was so powerful, how come didn't Celestia didn't use it because, oh I don't know, EVERYONE IN CANTERLOT LIKES HER!
The only times I enjoyed Chrysalis in the fandom was when she wasn't a changeling. One was when she was a security program who did nothing but talk and let the robots do the work. and I liked that. And the changeling idea wasn't bad, just wasted. A better episode would be Rarity meeting this perfect stallion and Spike gets jealous of him and finds out he's a changeling feeding off Rarity.
But still, for me in cannon, Chrysalis was a major disappointment. Along with the rest of the finale. At least the fans (like you) have had better ideas with her.
God I hate necromancers. They're only good at three things: spreading plagues, summoning/controlling the undead, and dieing.
and all of those reasons deal with death =D looks like they're doing their job.
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