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Vynil Scratch Wallpaper by Didj
Vynil Scratch Wallpaper
Just bought the "Dj-Pon3" vinyl figure. Decided to draw Vynil Scratch because of it. Pose turned out so good that I ended up turning it onto a full wallpaper image. I don't usually put my own work up as my desktop wallpaper but for this one I'll make an exception. Even though as I'm typing this the tiny little flaws in my work are glaring at me.
Now, I'm not a fan of Angry Birds. In fact I find it shocking the sheer amount of marketing this franchise gets. I was aware of the cartoon series that it has and it looks equally unappealing to me. But then I discovered the spin-off series "Stella" as linked above... and it is a tribute to the art of animation! I love it!

I mean, look at what they do with the limits they place upon themselves. You have a series where no words are spoken and all of the characters are little more than bouncing heads. And they manage to emote and convey so much. This should be studied by animation students.
Be it cheap knock-offs of currently popular games, overpriced ports of old console games, cheap knock-offs of old console games, pop-up ads in games, games that make you wait for days before you can progress unless you pay real money to move things along. The list goes on. The phones and tablets market is pretty much the wild frontier for small developers, which has the side effect of a lot of crap clogging up the stores. So what are some things in mobile games that you just fins annoying?
Imagine if like 90% of science fiction had Klingons and Romulans as races in it. That would be boring, right? That's how I feel whenever I try to get into a fantasy themed anything and it be all like "the ancient dragon is awakening, join this elf and dwarf on a quest to fight orcs". Why does everything have to copy Lord of the Rings?

I mean, I get it, fantasy has medieval stuff and magic as much as sci-fi has space ships and robots. But is it too much to ask that people exercise a little creativity when it comes to world building rather than just throw elves and dwarfs at us like it's mandatory?


Ryan McCarty
Well, after spending a few years in art college, I tried to get into the animation industry. Realizing after a while that being an animator by far not the most stable career choice, I joined the navy. But my passion is still drawing and animation. I have a superhero comic called "Chillin' Civilians" that I've been working on for a number of years that I think you'll enjoy.
I don't know how apparent my absence has been over the last month on account of how infrequently I add to my gallery. But I've been on deployment in Hawaii for this year's RIMPAC. If you're wondering what that is, it's what was going on in the movie Battleship minus the space aliens. I'll be back in Canada in a couple of weeks (counting down the days) but I thought I would just give a journal update since I've got some shore leave and a decent internet connection. While I've got your ear, a lot of you will be very happy to hear that My Little Mages the video game is back in full production with a full engine change. The alpha was made in Gamemaker Studio, the new version is being made in Unity. We actually have a small team of people offering their time and skills this time around. I was keeping it on the down-low for a while but I'm pretty confident in the production of the people involved, especially how they've been chugging along very well while I'm on deployment. I'd like to thank my friend Andy for this people skills in that regard. Still in the early stages of program and design, so don't hold your breath on any kind of release date.

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Sora200 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
Also, your MLP pictures are awesome. I too am a fan of the show. :)
Sora200 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
Really wish that our debate didn't end on a sour note. I'm sorry for anything I did that puts Christians in a bad light for you. I'm sorry if I offended you. Also, I didn't mean to sound sexist. If your female friends from the army are reading some of the stuff I said, please let them know that I'm sorry for anything I said that might have offended them.

I hate saying things that make others angry at me especially on the level that you said it would make your friends from the army feel. Even if I probably won't ever see them.

My deepest apologies for troubling you. Hopefully you don't think of me as unintelligent.
Mark57Raider Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
cool page. Never thought a military man would be interested in My Little Pony... Interesting combination here. Really though, I just never....ever...thought... a navy hardened ship guy would be interested in My Little Pony. Maybe if you had some daughters or something and then gotten into that from a family point it's just very hard to fathom, but wow what a world. ...Then again maybe you do have some kids that got you into My Little Pony...
Didj Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
It's not really as unusual as you would think. Firstly, the stereotype that all military members are the hardened grunts you see in American movies is not true. Or at least it doesn't apply to all military trades. Being in a logistic trade, my job deals more with accommodations and paperwork. And even when you take it to the American army "woo-rah" types, you see Bronies there too. Just look up "military bronies" on Google. It's really not that hard to see why. For people who live stressful lives being away from home for months at a time, something like My Little Pony is a good stress reliever. It's something lighthearted and fun in a career that is anything but that.

Plus it's just a really good show that breaks gender boundaries. Kind of like how Powerpuff Girls was a fun show to watch despite it's girly exterior. Let me put it this way, you like Disney movies like Frozen or Tangled, right?
Mark57Raider Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Some Disney movies I like yeah. I enjoyed Tangled and some of the others. My favorite disney movie of all time is probably still either Mulan or Lion King. Both very superb movies. But yeah, I didn't know military guys were into MLP, given the stereotype.
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