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I don't know if a thread specifically like this has been made yet, but what are some of the cliches in RPGs that annoy you? Be it Western or Japanese style.
Part of Your Universe by Didj
Part of Your Universe
I'm a big fan of Steven Universe and I've been wanting to do some kind of fan art for a while now. But if I before I did, I felt that I had to come up with some kind of theme or narrative. So I came up with this idea to illustrate the kind of connection that Steven and Connie have, particularly the world that Steven is part of and Connie's ambition to be a involved in it. Hence the title. By the way, my interpretation of Yellow Diamond might be off as all we've seen of her thus far is that silhouette briefly shown in the ComicCon video.
What are your thoughts on Nintendo and how it handles the online side of modern games, in the functionality of the games themselves, their online software (Miiverse, eShop) and of their hardware?
I bought this game over the weekend. And let's face it, it is severely lacking in content and mechanics as a game that's primarily about the multiplayer. I thought that Nintendo of all companies was above the whole "ship the game now, we'll finish it later" business model. So, let's discuss what we would like to see adjusted or added to this game. Here's what I would like to see...

- ability to switch out your weapon between respawning
- some real character customization.
- some more multiplayer game modes other than Turf War. Seriously! Even something as rudimentary as Capture the Flag would be brilliant with this game's mechanics. C'mon Nintendo, you're better than this.


Ryan McCarty
Well, after spending a few years in art college, I tried to get into the animation industry. Realizing after a while that being an animator by far not the most stable career choice, I joined the navy. But my passion is still drawing and animation. I have a superhero comic called "Chillin' Civilians" that I've been working on for a number of years that I think you'll enjoy.
I don't know how apparent my absence has been over the last month on account of how infrequently I add to my gallery. But I've been on deployment in Hawaii for this year's RIMPAC. If you're wondering what that is, it's what was going on in the movie Battleship minus the space aliens. I'll be back in Canada in a couple of weeks (counting down the days) but I thought I would just give a journal update since I've got some shore leave and a decent internet connection. While I've got your ear, a lot of you will be very happy to hear that My Little Mages the video game is back in full production with a full engine change. The alpha was made in Gamemaker Studio, the new version is being made in Unity. We actually have a small team of people offering their time and skills this time around. I was keeping it on the down-low for a while but I'm pretty confident in the production of the people involved, especially how they've been chugging along very well while I'm on deployment. I'd like to thank my friend Andy for this people skills in that regard. Still in the early stages of program and design, so don't hold your breath on any kind of release date.

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edthesupersaiyan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
ok, everything about my little mages is the coolest damn thing ever, welcome to my watch
ironhead1234 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015
you need to watch these video american artist jobs are at stack
hvgtd Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015
Fun fact, D&D gave arcane magic users a feat called Extra Familiar, it allows arcane spell users to gain an additional familiar (but only one extra, if you want to keep getting more additional familiars you have to keep taking taking the feat[could be a fun concept for when someone decides to add Owlwicious to the mix]). That said, some of us have been wondering how to convert all this into something akin to a tabletop RPG, or maybe some of the folks out there are wondering how convert all this into a MMORPG, either way it's fun playing with concepts.

Now that I got that out of the way, do you think Granny Smith in your Magesverse was a paladin in her younger days? It would be fun to see a younger model Granny Smith in this world, preferably showing why it's generally a bad idea to mess with her.
Didj Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015
Young Granny Smith as a Paladin? Sure, that works. And I don't know much about D&D aside from the googling I do when I come up with the majority of these magical classes, but I'm glad to hear that I incidentally made it plausible for Twilight to have both Owliscious and Spike as familiars (Though Spike will always be her number one familiar). I guess that if anyone was to adapt the MLM universe into a table top game, it would make being a magic user mandatory, unless you want to play as a different species like Harpies (Griffons), Dwarves (Donkys/Mules), or Orcs (Yaks). And I'd imagine that despite the free range of magic classes, the three main races of magic users would play slightly differently and have their own advantages (Earthborn- strength and stamina, Spellborn- learning magic beyond their class, Skyborn- speed and mobility)
hvgtd Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015
A more streamlined version D&D, at least until 5e was launched, is Pathfinder. And an MLP version was written up a while ago, they just recently launched their griffin expansion, it's called Ponyfinder, you can get it here…. Although there other games out there with different structures to them, I personally like the attribute structure in World of Darkness, that game breaks attributes and skills into three categories (Physical, Mental, Social). Also game like D&D and Pathfinder use a level up system, that is you play and accumulate points and and once your point value reaches a certain point you get to a new level. It also uses the class system, which I'm sure you're familiar with given your work, the problem with the level up system is that all the classes are defined templates you can't really venture out of, there are certain traits that each character template can't really get around. WoD, and GURPS (a game that can take forever in terms of character creation if you aren't familiar with it), use what's called a point buy system, a system where you take the points you've earned over the course the game and spend them however you want (the higher the stats the more points you have to spend to raise them). If you genuinely want to try building an RPG around all this you'll need to look at some of the existing games, and decide if you want to start from scratch or any of the existing games as a template your crafting your own.

Level up games are easier to pick up and go right out the gate, but as I said before the personalization options are limited, point buy games offer more customization, but usually tend to be harder to start. You also have to decide what kind of die system you're going to use. D&D and Pathfinder use the D20 system, that system is explained in their core rules (and it needs to because of all the different kinds of dice that system has you rolling), WoD use the dynamic D10 system (Also called the White Wolf system, mostly because White Wolf makes the game and their WoD game is the only well known RPG that uses the system), GURPS uses the dynamic D6 system, you only roll six sided dice. GURPS is also one of the most aggravating when it comes to character creation, for only one reason, every character concept you want to make the answer in GURPS is always yes. The sheer volume of material for making things in GURPS can make you feel like overload is imminent, and that's just with the core books. There's a way around it a bit with a 14 dollar character creation program that allows you to build characters on the sheets already, with optional templates to choose from.

But it all still boils down to do want to make the game, or do you just want to work on making modules for an existing game to play in that kind of world. The modules will probably be less encompassing due to the fact you're just making an extension onto an existing game, but going whole hog with game creation means you get to decide all the finer details that you want to address as core concepts or something else.

You can also get a good idea in regard to tabletop RPGs by watching these… and…, Dorkness Rising will give you some idea of how D&D in particular works, it's the sequel to the first one which is more some strange version of game with many of the same properties as D&D when they cut back to the players in the movie. But I would recommend watching both, the original gamers before Dorkness Rising, some of the things said In Dorkness only make sense after you watch original Gamers.

You clearly have the artistic talent for the art of the books if you decide to go for making the game, but I would still recommend having some editors and proofreaders on hand to catch any writing mistakes, and someone familiar with how tabletop RPGs work also a short call away to avoid any mechanical errors the system or world might have that you didn't entirely consider or were unaware of.

Wow, I really rambled there.
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