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What are your thoughts on Nintendo and how it handles the online side of modern games, in the functionality of the games themselves, their online software (Miiverse, eShop) and of their hardware?
I bought this game over the weekend. And let's face it, it is severely lacking in content and mechanics as a game that's primarily about the multiplayer. I thought that Nintendo of all companies was above the whole "ship the game now, we'll finish it later" business model. So, let's discuss what we would like to see adjusted or added to this game. Here's what I would like to see...

- ability to switch out your weapon between respawning
- some real character customization.
- some more multiplayer game modes other than Turf War. Seriously! Even something as rudimentary as Capture the Flag would be brilliant with this game's mechanics. C'mon Nintendo, you're better than this.
I finally got around to reading it. Has anyone else read it? Discuss your thoughts on it if you will. I put the spoiler warning in the title so don't be afraid to give details.
So, evil aliens are threatening to destroy all humanity. You are about to press the button that will blow up the alien mother ship and save the Earth. What do you say right before you press it?
There are the obvious ones like Sonic the Hedgehog or Final Fantasy that have long since lost their soul and have become a shadow of the quality they used to be. Perhaps those big names only continue on because they are nostalgic and recognizable. Then there are other game franchises that started to lose their luster not long after their initial great game that made it a worthy of sequels.

Remember the first Jak & Daxter game? Remember how light hearted and cartoony it all was? Seems that when they were going to expand it into a franchise, it was less about cartoony fun and more about turning Jak into a dark brooding anti-hero seeking revenge with guns and car jacking. Imagine if other platformer games went that route. Like if Crash Bandicoot 2 had Crash start talking in a tortured grim voice while gunning people down. Bleh! Ya know, cuze kids love their GTA.

Or how about Kingdom Hearts? I adored the first game, and the gameplay in KH2 was even better after I watched the cut scenes from Chains of Memories on Youtube to understand what the flark was going on. But it was during KH2 that the story really got convoluted and dumb. I honestly can't bring myself to care about the next installment because the whole thing has become a Frankenstein monster of Yoai fan fiction bait.

What do you guys think? Got any franchises that you loved initially only to see it get worse over time? Or did I just blaspheme one of your favorite franchises and you wish to challenge me to internet fisticuffs?


Ryan McCarty
Well, after spending a few years in art college, I tried to get into the animation industry. Realizing after a while that being an animator by far not the most stable career choice, I joined the navy. But my passion is still drawing and animation. I have a superhero comic called "Chillin' Civilians" that I've been working on for a number of years that I think you'll enjoy.
I don't know how apparent my absence has been over the last month on account of how infrequently I add to my gallery. But I've been on deployment in Hawaii for this year's RIMPAC. If you're wondering what that is, it's what was going on in the movie Battleship minus the space aliens. I'll be back in Canada in a couple of weeks (counting down the days) but I thought I would just give a journal update since I've got some shore leave and a decent internet connection. While I've got your ear, a lot of you will be very happy to hear that My Little Mages the video game is back in full production with a full engine change. The alpha was made in Gamemaker Studio, the new version is being made in Unity. We actually have a small team of people offering their time and skills this time around. I was keeping it on the down-low for a while but I'm pretty confident in the production of the people involved, especially how they've been chugging along very well while I'm on deployment. I'd like to thank my friend Andy for this people skills in that regard. Still in the early stages of program and design, so don't hold your breath on any kind of release date.

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